USA AT&T Unlock iPhone 3G-7+ Plus out contract e out blacklist

Description of Service

Carrier Network: AT&T USA
Models: Apple iPhone 3G-3GS-4-4S-5-5C-5S-6-6+ Plus-6S-6S+ Plus-7-7+ Plus
Type Service: Clean Not supports blacklisted, Not supports IN-Contract, Not supports Lost /Missing.
Unlocking Time: 4 / 10 working days (EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS)

Terms of Sale

1) If the unlocking order has already been forwarded to the server processing can not be deleted, modified or refunded.
2) This service only suitable for Apple iPhone stuck with Carrier Network AT&T USA.
3) This service is for phones out contract whit AT&T and out blacklisted (lost, stolen or UnPaid) not are supported
4) Only for 3G and 3GS has been done in the past if the jailbreaked and have installed the baseband of ipad 06.15.00, we must first do the downgrade with Redsn0w of the baseband 05.13.04 and then proceed to upgrade to iTunes for to unlock permanently
5) for Latest model upgraded to iOS 7 or the last, make sure that the find my iphone is off, or to know the username and password of iCloud.


  1. Is the duty of the purchaser to provide the correct information (IMEI , models, ecc).
  2. The unlock will be permanent by the IMEI of the phone and you can update it whenever you want without the risk of lock it again
  3. For safety before the unlock is recommended to do a full service Check, to know exactly how the Carrier Network is locked, if it is blacklisted or still bound by contract.

For Full Check Service - click here

Brief F.A.Q

iconaapple.jpg The service is legal?
This unlocking is not illegal because it will be done directly with the database AT&T and is officially recognized by Apple.
iphone.jpg I need Jailbreak or R-Sim?
This unlocking service it does not use the jailbreak or similar tool and does not use any sim pirate.
In the unlikely event they are unlocked should be rejected for reasons that are not described above from point 1 to point 5, you will be reimbursed at 100%.

Guide: Find IMEI (click here)

Quick method:
The IMEI is composed of 15 digits and you can find it in two ways:
1) push * # 06 # on your keypad telephone
2) go to Settings, General, About, scroll down and you will find the imei

How to proceed the purchase:

1) Add the selected product to the shopping cart and purchase free even without registration, choose the type of payment you would like to use and enter your phone model and IMEI in the space provided.
2) When payment is confirmed, if missing data to proceed with the release, we will send a request for the missing data.
3) If you have trouble finding the 15-digit dell'IMEI, try to follow the guide written above, in case there were any problems, please contact me and I will be happy to help you solve the problem.
4) Once payment is received and the data of the phone (IMEI, model, etc.), the order will be processed and delivered on time as described above.
5) When the order is processed we will send a confirmation to unlocking and just follow the instructions here below, on how to activate the phone with iTunes. (For any help are in your disposition)

How to Proceed in the unlocking after the purchase

received confirmation of unlocking follow these simple instructions to unlock your device

1) Make sure the basic steps 1 to 5 above according to your model, in order not to encounter errors with iTunes while updating the device.
2) Insert the SIM card you want to use in your phone.
3) Connect your phone to your computer (Mac or Windows) open iTunes and make a backup of the data if it were needed, make a full recovery by updating the last iOS released by Apple, wait until the update process is complete and your iPhone will finally be unlocked forever!!!

Guide: How to Unlock (click here)

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