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How to Fix Activation Lock on iPhone Running iOS 7

Apple introduced Activation Lock feature when it released iOS 7 version for iPhone users this fall. The new option is tricky. From one hand, it is designed to protect unknown people from accessing your personal information. From the other hand, it gives headache to users who wish to unlock the device they purchased from other people.

Turn Find My iPhone Off Beforehand

The introduction of iOS 7 has changed the rules for iPhone users. Now if the Find My iPhone app is turned on, you are not able to update to new iOS version or unlock your handset without knowing the Apple ID and password of iPhone's original owner.

This ID and passcode are stored on the Cupertino-based company's servers. It is impossible to turn off Find My iPhone, reactivate the gadget and erase information on it without entering them. This happens because of the Activation Lock feature presented in iOS version 7 and up. You turn it automatically when you enable Find My iPhone program or when you decide to install the latest firmware [updating from iOS 6 or earlier operating system].

What You Must Do Before Ordering iPhone Unlock

If this is your device purchased from Apple or official carriers you should simply turn off the application. Users who purchased their smartphone from someone on eBay or other platforms should make sure the previous owner erased all his information, settings and disabled Find My iPhone for you.

Only after you make everything to fix iOS 7 activation error, you can place iPhone unlock order online and have it successfully unlocked by IMEI number.

What You Must Do After Your iPhone Unlocked

Note: We make no refunds if we unlock your handset on iOS 7 and you are stuck with the Activation lock issue. Solve this problem before you order factory unlock or following this guide below if you have just unlock it and got this issue.

Fortunately there is a fix and you can use it just following steps below:

1. Go to Settings on iPhone.
2. Tap iCloud.


3. Turn OFF Find My iPhone.
4. Sign in with the Owner's Apple ID.


8. Find My iPhone will be disabled!


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